After a long and hiatus-heavy Eberron campaign, my group is looking to try our hands at Fate.


The concept for the game is based on the show Warehouse 13. There are pseudo-magical artifacts throughout the world that develop supernatural qualities from the people who made or owned them, some of which are highly dangerous. In order to keep the world safe from them and to better study them, they are catalogued in the Warehouse. In the show, the 13th Warehouse is located in a remote area in Montana and is governed by a board of mysterious Regents. In order to operate without revealing their true mission, the agents of the Warehouse often claim to be from the IRS.

In our game, there are possibly a number of Warehouses throughout the world. The US Warehouse is located in Texas, and has at least 3 regional teams of agents operating out of it at any given time. Our cover agency is the US Postal Service. We chose the USPS because they operate everywhere, would generally not draw suspicion, and there are Post Offices in almost every town that can serve as drop off points for captured artifacts. There are also rival organizations looking for artifacts throughout the world. A few that were tossed around as possibilities are The Smithsonian Institute, UPS, and Fed Ex.

Agents for the Warehouse come from various backgrounds, but it is not uncommon for them to also be gifted with some sort of mild psychic talent: feeling bad vibes about a situation, seeing peoples’ and artifacts’ auras, knowing the right tools to bring for an unknown situation, perfect memory, etc. The players for the campaign are Wesley (Co-GM playing Chet), Chester (Co-GM playing John), Marshall (playing Rusty Gilmore), Lana (playing Faye Nightingale), and Chris (playing Sebastian Cross).

Fatehouse 13

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