Fatehouse 13


On the way back from a trip to Vegas to pick up the Pied Piper’s Pipe, Rusty, Faye, and Chet are driving a classic VW Beetle down a lonely deserted highway when a Dodge Charger starts to get aggressive. Through some decent driving by Rusty, and a few lucky shots by Chet, the group manages to force a non-vehicular confrontation with the Charger’s occupants.

Things are at somewhat of a standstill while Chet tries to reason with the armed passenger (who has gotten out of the vehicle). The passenger, a hired mob thug seems to be starting to realize that this job might not be worth the risk, but before Chet can talk him down, Faye shoots him. The driver of the car takes off, though the Charger has a Cracked Windshield now.

When the thug comes around, he tells Chet that they have his picture and regardless of what happens to him, they’ll find him. It seems the coin Chet “picked up” was very important to the owner of the casino, “Can’t Remember His Name”. After further questioning, the team uses their Tesla to wipe his memory before driving him to town and putting him on a bus to Jersey. The team makes it out of the situation with only some Transmission Problems on the VW, but it could have gone much worse.

The team heads out of town, but soon notices a construction site beside the highway because of the billowing black smoke. Rusty feels compelled to stop and offer his expertise.

The foreman isn’t very happy to have some strangers poking around, especially in the middle of a catastrophe, but he soon sees that Rusty’s experience can be put to good use. It seems a large tank of fuel is on fire, and shortly there is an explosion that rocks the site. Chet picks up some First Degree Burns, but everyone else makes it out ok.

Once things are under control the forman is more forthcoming. The site is going to be a Heritage Center for a local tribe of Indians. The foreman’s record are previous sites is spotless with no on the job accidents, but there have been numerous injuries and accidents on this job.

A black SUV with privacy glass pulls up, but no one gets out. The team decides to make their way to the small town further onto the reservation.

Once there they try to find someone in charge to talk to. The mayor’s secretary isn’t very forthcoming and is a little suspicious. The sheriff shows up and wants to know what the team wants and isn’t very happy about them being nosing around. They manage to convince him that they really are just trying to help and were just passing through. He directs them to the mechanic so they can give their car and the local library run by the tribe historian.

The team talk to the mechanic and then split up. Chet heads to the library to see what information he can find on the town, the tribe, and what might be causing so many accidents at the construction site, while Rusty and Faye go grab a bite to eat at the local diner.


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