Faye Nightingale

Lumberjack with Psychic Resistance


High Concept
Mentally Resistant
Trouble Aspect
Quirky & Awkward
No Tools, No Problem
Keep Calm
Helping Hand

( +4)Will
( +3)Rapport, Stealth
( +2)Physique, Fight, Shoot
( +1)Notice, Craft, Drive, Athletics
( +0)Burglary, Contacts, Deceive, Empathy, Investigate, Lore, Provoke, Resources

Stunts WIP
-Tough as Nails.(Physique) Once per session you can reduce the severity of a moderate
physical consequence to a mild physical consequence (if your mild consequence
slot is free), or erase a mild physical consequence altogether, at the cost of a fate point.
-woodworking (Craft)


Faye Nightingale

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