John Bullen

Psych-Ops...I mean Psychologist


High Concept: Psych-Ops… I Mean Psychologist
Trouble: Sins of the past


  • I know what drives you.
  • Use the right tools for the job
  • Your secrets are on your face


Great(+4): Empath
Good(+3): Provoke, Rapport
Fair(+2): Deceive, Notice, Investigate
Average(+1): Contacts, Lore, Shoot, Physique
Mediocre(+0): Athletics, Burglary, Crafts, Fight, Resources, Stealth, Will


In"terror"gation: +2 to attacks with provoke if the action will occur in an environment I have prepared ahead of time.
I am the lie detector: +2 to empathy rolls to discern when someone is lying 
Whispers of Fear: use provoke instead of deceive when trying to make a target distrust an ally


Refresh: 3


John is a former psychologist who served in the military doing Psych-Ops. Near the end of the cold war he was ordered to destabilize a leader who was having too much success maintaining the remnants of the Soviet Union. As part of his observation, he discovered the leader was using something to maintain the loyalty of his people.

When warehouse agents came to confiscate the artifact, he was able to see through their lies and misinformation. He was able to extrapolate the existence of the warehouse from their behavior and personalities. He then planted fake reports of an artifact to bring agents into the open again where he could confront them.

John Bullen

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