Rusty Gilmore

Fire Marshal turned Warehouse agent


High Concept
Fire Marshal turned Warehouse agent
Trouble Aspect
Safety First!

Expert Investigator
Esoteric First Aid
The Only Way to Keep A Secret…

( +4): Investigate
( +3): Lore, Notice
( +2): Fight(Boxing), Athletics, Drive
( +1): Will, Physique, Crafts, Resources
( +0): Burglary, Contacts, Deceive, Empathy, Provoke, Rapport, Shoot, Stealth

-Proper Leverage(Physique) Rusty’s fireman training has taught him how to effectively open doors and other things with proper application of force. +2 bonus using Physique to break open doors when using a pry tool or a kick.
-My EDC is Better Than Yours(Resources) Rusty’s superior Every Day Carry means that he almost always has the right tool for the job. +2 bonus using Resource to create an advantage to overcome an obstacle that would benefit from the proper tools.
-Hazardous Chemicals Training(Lore) Rusty has extensive knowledge of Hazardous Materials, how they react to one another, and how they should and shouldn’t be stored. +2 bonus to create an advantage using Lore whenever the situation has specifically to do with Hazardous Materials.


Rusty is a former Fire Marshal and Arson Investigator. He learned about the existence of Artifacts after discovering strange evidence in a burned down building. In the process of the investigation, he was contacted by John Bullen whom he helped in finding the arsonist and recover the artifact involved.

Rusty has proven to be insightful when it comes to helping others recover from the effects of some Artifacts. In one instance using purple goo and smelling salts, he managed to awaken Chet after he collapsed from contact with an unknown artifact.

Rusty has come to view the majority of Artifacts (such as the Executioner’s Axe) as better left safely away from the general public’s knowledge and will readily act to cover up evidence that points to the existence of Artifacts.

Rusty Gilmore

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