Bresnahan's socks

Artifacts for your feet


Refresh Cost: 1
Minor Consequences (Physical only): [ ] [ ]
Rules: If your character has a situation aspect representing that they are wearing the socks, you may use the minor consequences on the socks to absorb physical stress. These consequences do not heal like consequences on your character, but may be invoked or compelled as normal.

To heal, the consequences must be moved from the socks to the owner by the owner delivering one of Roger Bresnahan’s famously rough tongue lashings (i.e. verbally attack someone using the intimidate/provoke skill). Once the consequence is on the owner it may be healed like any other minor consequence.


Current location Unknown

These socks belonged to Roger Bresnahan a baseball catcher from 1895 – 1931. He was one of the few catchers who could still run fast enough to be useful batting despite the stress to his knees and ankles from playing catcher.
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Bresnahan's socks

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