Fatehouse 13

Return from Vegas Part 2

After Chet finished his research and chatted with the local librarian, he determined that there was an artifact in the possession of an elder tribesman. In days past, the artifact was able to coordinate a large war party under the control of one person.

Upon interviewing the elder tribesman and after encountering men in a black sedan, the Warehouse agents discover that members of the DOD are after the artifact as well. The agents attempt to get it before them, but the meet resistance from both the reservation and the men in the black sedan. As the tribesmen are conducting an evening ritual involving the artifact, the DOD shows up in force. In the chaos of gun fire and artifact mind control, Chet is arrested by DOD agents along with a large number of tribespeople. Faye and Rusty managed to get away per orders, but the artifact is now in the hands of the DOD, and the agents involved are on probation.


WardenGiggles marshallwells

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