Fatehouse 13

Rumblings in the Warehouse

Washington, DC:Rusty, John, and Sebastian begin the session in the Warehouse with Herman Welsh (a Senior Agent for the Warehouse). At a call from Ms. Grey, Caretaker of the Warehouse, Herman leaves for an urgent assignment. At the same time, Rusty notices a blip on a monitor indicating that there is activity within the Warehouse. As the three agents go to investigate the blip, John attempts to instill distrust among the others toward Herman as a sort of revenge for the probation enacted on himself and Rusty from the previous incident with the DOD.

Nearing the location of the disturbance, the agents feel an occasional rumbling and a shelf that is missing a cane. Hearing more rumblings, they go further and find a shelf leaning against another with artifacts strewn about. At this point, Rusty begins fighting a fire only he can see and Sebastian encounters a haywire artifact that he only perceives to be malfunctioning. John realizes the true cause is a music box that makes the hearers feel needed and he manages to bring the others to their senses. Upon following the rumblings a little further, the agents retrieve the missing cane that is causing the quakes: Brigadier General Laverlang’s Elephant Walking Stick.

The agents then investigate a nearby observatory within the Warehouse as a precaution and to see if a person was possibly responsible for the Walking Stick’s disruption. Inside they find that Hubble’s Telescope has come free of its case from the rumbling and a number of artifacts are floating freely in the air. Several of the artifacts were extremely dangerous is jostled or damaged so the agents took steps to secure the Telescope. Sebastian and Rusty used to some rope and a purple goo dispenser to bring the Telescope down safely and to thus restore gravity.

Once back to the office, the agents get a call telling them that Herman has been taken to the ER. They rush there and a barely conscious Herman tells them “I didn’t get it”. Ms. Grey then appears and directs them to a back entrance to the Warehouse where their next mission will be. At the back entrance, they are directed to take a large stone block via a van to a remote address in San Marcos, Texas.

They take turns driving, but at a stop in Arkansas they notice what they believe to be a car following them. While Sebastian is getting some meat pies, a German man named Dimitri gets out of the car and briefly talks with him. Sebastian lies to him about their destination but Dimitri’s car continues to follow them. Subsequent attempts to lose Dimitri’s car prove useless, so they pull the van into a nearby Walmart in an attempt to lure them into a position where they can disable the car and get away. Dimitri approaches the van and threatens the agents. He apparently knows who the three are really and he wants “the Cornerstone”. At this, Rusty invokes “Safety be Damned. Sometimes the Best Way to Keep a Secret is to do something risky”. He backs the van into Dimitri, knocking him out. Sebastian gets back in the van as Dimitri’s goons fire on them, and they disable Dimitri’s car radiator on the way out to keep them from pursuing.

Many hours later, they arrive at the address in San Marcos but it’s an empty lot. Confident that no one else has followed, they place the stone on the ground. As they continue to look around, a diner/gas station suddenly appears where the stone had been. Inside the diner, they discover Herman in good health. He explains that the entrance to the Warehouse is now there in Texas through the deep freezer, and that he is the new Caretaker. The session ends with the three agents meeting with Ms. Grey in a nearby park, and with her telling them that they were now the only Warehouse agents left that she and the Regents trust.


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